Being a Real Strong Woman of Alpha Chi Omega means something different to all of us. To me, being a Real Strong Woman is not about being better than everyone else, or always knowing what is best, but about believing in yourself.  

I believe that confidence in oneself is a critical component to success. Surrounding myself with the women of Alpha Chi has helped me to turn far off dreams into realities and strive towards my own goals.

I believe as Real Strong Women, we all need each other.  Sometimes life is hard. Living far from my family and enduring everything the 20 year-old roller coaster brings, can sometimes break me down. But it is always my sisters that are there to pick me back up by dropping sweet notes on my desk or taking ten minutes to cuddle on the daybed and talk it out. Sometimes we just need to hear the words: “you are a real, strong, woman.”

Being a Real Strong Woman means that I take time for myself and do what is best for me.  It all goes back to what my dad used to ask me when I was in and what I’m sure we’ve all heard it at least once in our lives: if your friends jumped off a bridge, does that mean you would too? Of course if that bridge is actually a Diet Coke run, I would definitely jump in the car.  As painful as it is to take a rain check to an Alpha Chi study party at Starbucks, if I have a big paper due tomorrow, you’ll probably find me in my study cubby on Roy 2, confident that I made the right decision.

At Alpha Chi, we all have different passions and talents. None of us are exactly the same and that’s what makes us so unique and Real. I never felt pressured to change when I joined Alpha Chi, but I know that in becoming a Real Strong Woman, I am forever changed for the better. My sisters at Alpha Chi mean the world to me because they give me the strength and confidence to be the best version of myself, everyday.